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Dabito, Confetti - A fun palm leaf print by Justina Blakeney Home. The colours are coral pink, orange and yellow gold.
Dabito, Calypso - A fun palm leaf print by Justina Blakeney Home. The colours are emerald teal green, peach and coral pink.
Groovy Grille, Confetti - Tonic Living
Groovy Grille Fabric, Confetti
$15.71 CAD $20.95 CAD
Jetsetter, Stream - Tonic Living
Jetsetter Linen, Stream
$30.34 CAD $44.95 CAD
Carys, Poppy - Tonic Living
Carys Fabric, Poppy (Dwell Studio)
$22.24 CAD $32.95 CAD
Imperial Gate, Mineral - Tonic Living
Imperial Gate Fabric, Mineral
$22.06 CAD $33.95 CAD
Artstripe, Sunset - Tonic Living
Artstripe Cotton, Sunset
$17.95 CAD $29.95 CAD
Chloe - Tonic Living
Chloe Fabric
$37.46 CAD $49.95 CAD
Frankie marbleized fabric from Tonic Living
Frankie Fabric, Electric
$57.34 CAD $84.95 CAD
Virginia, brightside bold colorful woven fabric from Tonic Living
Virginia Fabric, Bright Side
$39.79 CAD $58.95 CAD
Euc, Hillside - A Justina Blakeney statement fabric in a tropical pattern of Eucalyptus branches and buds in citrine yellow, forest and celery green, cream, teal and navy blue.
Bella Porte, Twilight - Tonic Living
Konya - Tonic Living, This oatmeal and cream rug inspired by traditional Moroccan wedding blankets is a gorgeous addition to any room needing a little oomph.
Konya Rug
$243.71 CAD $324.95 CAD
Flock, Valentine fabric by Genevieve Gorder at Tonic Living
Flock, Valentine
$29.95 CAD $38.95 CAD