Clearance Pillows

13 results
Neigel 20x20 Pillow, Indigo
Neigel 20x20 Pillow, Indigo
$43.95 CAD $61.95 CAD
Patchwork gray stripe pillow from Tonic Living
Patchwork 22x22 Pillow, Twine
$54.95 CAD $63.95 CAD
Rollo blush pink outdoor pillow by Tonic Living, former name Rollo pillow
Ryder 20x20 Pillow, Blush
$42.95 CAD $57.95 CAD
Euclid 22x22 Pillow, Woodrose
Euclid 22x22 Pillow, Woodrose
$45.95 CAD $55.95 CAD
Passagio classic blue ikat stripe pillow from Tonic Living
Passagio 20x20 Pillow, Batik
$50.95 CAD $71.95 CAD
Neigel green outdoor tweed pillow from Tonic Living
Neigel 20x20 Pillow, Meadow
$43.95 CAD $61.95 CAD
Neigel outdoor pink and red chevron pillow from Tonic Living
Neigel 20x20 Pillow, Peony
$43.95 CAD $61.95 CAD
Lucie watercolor floral pillow from Tonic Living
Lucie 20x20 Pillow, Midnight Berry
$38.95 CAD $58.95 CAD
A smaller scale geometric pillow with a global punch in 14" x 20".
Om 14x20 Lumbar Pillow, Confetti
$39.72 CAD $52.95 CAD
Mercado colourful boho pom pom pillow by Tonic Living
Mercado 20x20 Pillow
$59.95 CAD $81.95 CAD
Frankie, Electric colourful marbleized lumbar pillow from Tonic Living
A blue and white outdoor pillow with broad vertical stripes.