Clearance Rugs

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Tulita wool rug from Tonic Living
Tulita Wool Rug
$67.95 CAD $87.95 CAD
Maribo wool rug at Tonic Living
Maribo Wool Rug
$495.95 CAD $44.95 CAD
Kiara, Cream + Black - Tonic Living
Kiara Rug, Cream & Black
$197.21 CAD $262.95 CAD
Randers black and white wool rug from Tonic Living
Randers Rug
$422.21 CAD $562.95 CAD
Anika - Tonic Living
Anika Cotton Rug
$197.21 CAD $262.95 CAD
Konya - Tonic Living, This oatmeal and cream rug inspired by traditional Moroccan wedding blankets is a gorgeous addition to any room needing a little oomph.
Konya Rug
$243.71 CAD $324.95 CAD
Garis vintage colorful kilim rug with stripes from Tonic Living
Garis Vintage Rug
$316.76 CAD $395.95 CAD
Cyrus colourful vintage Kilim from Tonic Living
Cyrus Vintage Rug
$503.96 CAD $629.95 CAD