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Archer, a modern black and white graphic fabric from Tonic Living
Archer Fabric, Domino
$38.95 CAD $45.95 CAD
Lilly Fabric, Peony
Lilly Fabric, Peony
$41.95 CAD $49.95 CAD
Tuscany Linen, Ochre, a mustard yellow fabric from Tonic Living
Tuscany Linen, Ochre Yellow
$29.95 CAD $35.95 CAD
Darcy, Sable fabric: A dark charcoal gray wooly fabric from Tonic Living
Darcy Fabric, Sable
$36.95 CAD $42.95 CAD
Kinsale Fabric, Sea Salt, by Tonic Living
Kinsale Fabric, Sea Salt
$57.95 CAD $76.95 CAD
Zelda pleated velvet fabric in off white from Tonic Living
Zelda Pleated Velvet, Pearl
$47.95 CAD $59.95 CAD
Adelaide Fabric, graphite, a medium grey, linen blend fabric from Tonic Living
Adelaide Fabric, Graphite
$41.95 CAD $49.95 CAD
Zanzibar, blue and red striped global pillow from Tonic Living
Zanzibar Inside Out Fabric, Regatta
$50.95 CAD $59.95 CAD
Carlsbad Inside Out Fabric, Canary
Carlsbad Inside Out Fabric, Canary
$48.95 CAD $57.95 CAD
Euc, Hillside - A Justina Blakeney statement fabric in a tropical pattern of Eucalyptus branches and buds in citrine yellow, forest and celery green, cream, teal and navy blue.
Charlie navy stripe linen blend summer fabric from Tonic Living
Charlie Stripe Fabric, Marine Blue
$44.95 CAD $54.95 CAD
Pollenca Fabric, Mist, a light blue Ellen Degeneres quilted fabric from Tonic Living
Pollenca Fabric, Mist
$43.95 CAD $57.95 CAD
Lucca Fabric, Oyster, a silk blend drapery fabric in off white from Tonic Living
Lucca Fabric, Oyster
$58.95 CAD $78.95 CAD
Waffle Towel, Grey Stripe
Waffle Towel, Grey Stripe
$29.95 CAD $39.95 CAD
Pointillism, Zinc grey and white abstract fabric
Pointillism Fabric, Zinc
$34.95 CAD $45.95 CAD
beige and white floral drapery tonic living
Alba Cotton, Flax
$32.95 CAD $38.95 CAD
Campobello Check, Natural, a brown and black windowpane fabric from Tonic Living
Campobello Check Fabric, Natural
$40.95 CAD $47.95 CAD
Carmen, Outdoor Market colourful boho Mexican-inspired fabric
Carmen Fabric, Outdoor Market
$32.95 CAD $44.95 CAD
Wilshire, Umber - Tonic Living
Wilshire Fabric, Umber
$49.46 CAD $65.95 CAD
Artstripe, Sunset - Tonic Living
Artstripe Cotton, Sunset
$17.95 CAD $29.95 CAD
Bristol, Truffle Cotton fabric by Tonic Living
Bristol Cotton, Truffle
$14.81 CAD $21.95 CAD
Kira, Indigo, a blue and white cross stitch fabric from Tonic Living
Kira Fabric, Indigo
$40.95 CAD $47.95 CAD
Frankie marbleized fabric from Tonic Living
Frankie Fabric, Electric
$57.34 CAD $84.95 CAD
Lucca Fabric, Chateau, a taupe silk blend drapery fabric from Tonic Living
Lucca Fabric, Chateau
$58.95 CAD $78.95 CAD
Parker, Grey - Tonic Living
Parker Wool Rug, Grey
$322.95 CAD $379.95 CAD
Dupioni Silk, Teal
Dupioni Silk, Teal
$26.96 CAD $39.95 CAD
Waffle towel with washed navy stripe, Tonic Living
Waffle Towel, Washed Navy Stripe
$29.95 CAD $39.95 CAD
Bella Porte, Twilight - Tonic Living
Jetsetter, Stream - Tonic Living
Jetsetter Linen, Stream
$30.34 CAD $44.95 CAD
Dabito, Confetti - A fun palm leaf print by Justina Blakeney Home. The colours are coral pink, orange and yellow gold.
A yellow and hot pink small scale geometric with a global punch, from the Justina Blakeney Home collection.
Virginia, brightside bold colorful woven fabric from Tonic Living
Virginia Fabric, Bright Side
$39.79 CAD $58.95 CAD
Goodman Plaid, Blossom - Tonic Living
Goodman Plaid Cotton, Blossom
$24.26 CAD $35.95 CAD
Tuscany yellow ochre linen pillow from Tonic Living
Tuscany 22x22 Pillow, Ochre Yellow
$47.95 CAD $59.95 CAD
Monarch Trellis Linen, Port
Monarch Trellis Linen, Port
$22.23 CAD $32.95 CAD
Kira blue and white cross stitch pillow from Tonic Living
Kira 22x22 Pillow, Indigo
$50.95 CAD $63.95 CAD
Joy, Bucks Fizz - Tonic Living
Joy Cotton, Bucks Fizz
$14.96 CAD $19.95 CAD
Kropp Room Spray
Kropp Room Spray
$6.95 CAD $13.95 CAD
Eyre Cream chunky wool patterned rug at Tonic Living
Eyre Rug, Natural Cream
$48.95 CAD $57.95 CAD
Kropp Foaming Bath, a rosewood, oak moss and patchouli scented liquid bath soap from Tonic
Kropp Foaming Bath
$12.95 CAD $25.95 CAD
Jura natural, a beige wool rug from Tonic Living
Jura Rug, Natural
$73.95 CAD $86.95 CAD
Jura silver grey marled wool rug from Tonic Living
Jura Rug, Silver Grey
$73.95 CAD $86.95 CAD
Eyre Rug, Coal
Eyre Rug, Coal
$48.95 CAD $57.95 CAD
REMNANT - Bella Porte, Citrine 24"
REMNANT - Bella Porte, Citrine 99"
$62.95 CAD $85.11 CAD
Merton ceiling pendant light - Tonic Living
Merton Ceiling Light Fixture
$476.95 CAD $595.95 CAD
Bent Wood Votive Lantern from Tonic Living
Bent Wood Votive Lantern
$39.95 CAD $49.95 CAD
Willa brass ceiling light fixture available at Tonic Living
Willa Ceiling Light
$397.95 CAD $496.95 CAD
Emery Standing Coat Rack
Emery Standing Coat Rack
$197.95 CAD $246.95 CAD
50 results