Bath & Candle

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Waffle towel with washed navy stripe, Tonic Living
Waffle towel with grey stripe by Tonic Living
The Soho Turkish Towel, Slate, at Tonic Living
Kropp organic soy candle, an orange, lemon, cedar scented candle from Tonic Living
Kropp Organic Soy Candle
$33.95 CAD $37.95 CAD
Orion Votive Set, Oxide a set of three black, matte, metal bowls from Tonic Living
Casa Candle from Pure Living, made with organic soy way at Tonic Living
Casa Organic Soy Candle, Pure Living
$19.95 CAD $24.95 CAD
Lucia Match Box, One Summer Night
Kropp Body Lotion, an essential oils, paraben free skin lotion from Tonic Living
Kropp Body Lotion
$24.95 CAD $31.95 CAD
Kropp Hand Cream, a vegan, paraben free hand cream from Tonic Living
Kropp Hand Cream
$21.95 CAD $26.95 CAD
Kropp Body Mist, a thyme and sandalwood scented body mist from Tonic Living
Kropp Hydrating Body Mist
$18.95 CAD $22.95 CAD
Kropp Bath Sea Salts, rosewood, from Tonic Living
Kropp Bath Sea Salts
$22.95 CAD $25.95 CAD
Kropp Shower Gel, a paraben free, rosewood, oak and patchouli scented shower soap from Tonic Living
Kropp Shower Gel
$19.95 CAD $25.95 CAD
Kropp Bar Soap, a paraben free soap with a delicate fragrance from Tonic Living
Kropp Bar Soap
$15.95 CAD $17.95 CAD
Love Fresh Lotion - Tonic Living
Love Fresh Lotion
$20.00 CAD