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Adelaide Fabric, Moss, a green, linen blend fabric from Tonic Living
Blythe embroidered floral in a green colorway from Tonic Living
Blythe Fabric, Fern
$86.95 CAD
Dabito, Calypso - A fun palm leaf print by Justina Blakeney Home. The colours are emerald teal green, peach and coral pink.
Dupioni Silk, Teal
Dupioni Silk, Teal
$26.96 CAD $39.95 CAD
Groovy Grille, Confetti - Tonic Living
Groovy Grille Fabric, Confetti
$15.71 CAD $20.95 CAD
Imperial Gate, Mineral - Tonic Living
Imperial Gate Fabric, Mineral
$22.06 CAD $33.95 CAD
A beautiful watery floral fabric in a fresh blend of indigo, turquoise, green and black on a white background. Suitable for drapery, upholstery, roman blinds, cushions, pillows and other home decor accessories.
Mason Velvet Bay Leaf, a green grey soft velvet from Tonic Living
Neigel outdoor green and beige tweed fabric from Tonic Living
Neigel, Inside Out Fabric, Meadow
$39.95 CAD $45.95 CAD
Sierra Fabric, Ink
Sierra Fabric, Ink
$46.95 CAD
Tuscany Linen, Moss green fabric from Tonic Living
Tuscany Linen, Moss
$29.95 CAD
Valentina Velvet, Jade sage grey green fabric with blue undertones
Valentina Velvet, Leaf, a fern leaf green velvet from Tonic Living
Yarmouth Stripe Spruce, a green and teal stripe fabric from Tonic Living