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Mid Colour - Ocean VIII
Browne Wall Sconce
Browne Wall Sconce
$155.96 CAD $194.95 CAD
Mid Construct V, a modern black and white framed print available at Tonic Living
Mid-Construct V
$249.95 CAD
Emery Standing Coat Rack
Emery Standing Coat Rack
$197.95 CAD $246.95 CAD
Modern antique brass table lamp from Tonic Living
Belanger Table Lamp
$227.96 CAD $284.95 CAD
Merton ceiling pendant light - Tonic Living
Merton Ceiling Light Fixture
$476.95 CAD $595.95 CAD
Kropp Room Spray
Kropp Room Spray
$6.95 CAD $13.95 CAD
Willa brass ceiling light fixture available at Tonic Living
Willa Ceiling Light
$397.95 CAD $496.95 CAD
Crosby Basket, A hearty oval wicker basket in three sizes from Tonic Living
Crosby Basket
$98.95 CAD
mid colour ocean blue framed print available at Tonic Living
Mid Colour - Ocean V
$149.95 CAD
Kropp Foaming Bath, a rosewood, oak moss and patchouli scented liquid bath soap from Tonic
Kropp Foaming Bath
$12.95 CAD $25.95 CAD