On CTV's The Good Stuff with Mary Berg recurring contributor Alexandra Gater shared the simple trade-secret tips that she’s collected during her years of experience as a YouTuber and decorator on where to save and splurge when it comes to home decor items. 

There are many types of pillow inserts on the market, but she (and we!) feel that it’s worth it to 'splurge' on your pillow inserts. In this segment she highlighted our exclusive Tonic Living Faux Down Pillow Inserts, saying:

“You want to splurge on cushion inserts, which make such a difference in the cushions on your sofa. I love to go for a micro-fibre faux down insert. The key is you want it to hold its shape - so you do the Karate chop! … These are from Tonic Living; my favourite, favourite cushion inserts on the market.”

She continues, comparing them to poly-fill inserts, which don’t hold a shape and flatten over time.

“Yes, you’re not spending as much money up front [on the poly-fills] but they’re just not going to last you in the way these beautiful inserts from Tonic Living will."

Thanks Alexandra, we couldn't agree more! 

Our microfibre pillow inserts are luxuriously soft, full of body, hypo-allergenic, hold a karate chop, never get matted or flat and always fluff up again like a traditional feather insert. Bonus: This is a vegan friendly, feather alternative!

Pro Tip: Our inserts are perfectly plump so you don't need to order a size up. If your pillow cover measures 20" edge to edge, order our 20" insert.