Hey, Janine here. Welcome to our blog!

I'm gonna tell you a bit about how it all began for Tonic Living...


Well, it started from a burning desire to do our "own thing" and it took off like a herd of wild animals hurling us into unknown territory of the Internet world in what I like to refer to as " the Wild West".

No rules, no borders , no manual and well, not like we were above the law or anything like that, but the feeling of being out there on a lone and vast terrain with a beautiful wide open sky was real and it brought us to today. 



This latest website launch that you are on is the hard work of many creative and talented people who have seen and implicitly understood our vision. They have helped us bring to life our "web child's" ( does that sound creepy?! ) latest incarnation to a brighter, prettier and more open version.



One with more details, more inspiration and a with a spring in it's step. There are more facets to come ( seeds that we have planted) that we will continue to cultivate and "water" all while rolling out the latest new fabrics and products but with the hope of keeping the ease our store’s functionality intact.



I speak for our whole team when I say with such gratitude how much I appreciate your support over these years and if you've just found us then we're so glad you did.



We also love your patience in the launch of this site - I've been yammering on about for what feels like forever... and while we might have a few kinks to work out you know we're standing by and doing our darndest right?



Tiffany Pratt Pillows 


Ok - let's go forth and enjoy this baby together! Share with your pals! And if you want to see my daily musings ( read: all things pillow + fabric with a smattering of travel ) then follow along here on Instagram!

Big Love to you all and thanks for coming by - xo  Janine 


Tonic Living fabrics


PS.  Some people drop the "Living" when they talk about us but I always say the full name like a proud mother who insists on calling her kid by their full multi-syllable name. But hey - you can call us either way - we'll be glad to hear from ya 😘