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Looking to transform your space? Whether you need fabric for drapes, roman blinds, bench cushions, sofa upholstery or pillows, browse through our curated collection of designer fabrics.

a cream, brown and grey high performance plaid patterned upholstered chair seat

1. Get inspired

Not sure what you are looking for? Start with our All Fabric collection and be inspired by colour, pattern and texture.

For window treatments such as drapes or roman blinds you can narrow down your options by exploring our Drapery and Roman Fabric collection.

For upholstery projects such as sofas, chairs, bench cushions or headboards explore our Upholstery Fabric collection.

2. Find your favourites

Personalize your space by selecting fabrics that reflect your style, and lifestyle.

You can narrow down your options by focusing on use, colour, pattern, size and material.

3. Select a fabric

Click on a fabric and scroll through the additional photos that will help you visualize the fabric used as a drapery panel or an upholstery chair seat and to give you close up views of the fabric pattern and texture.

Read the Description to learn about the look, weight, feel and suggested usage of the fabric.

In the Product Details & Care section, you will find more information provided by the fabric supplier such as the fabric content, pattern size and testing results.

4. Understand fabric definitions

What are High Performance Fabrics?

Our High Performance Fabric Collection are upholstery fabrics that are durable, stain resistant and allows life to happen around you. Clean up is made easy with soap and water.

Many of our High Performance products are made from olefin.  Olefin's advantages are its strength, colourfastness, and resistance to staining, mildew, abrasion, and sunlight.

High Performance fabrics are also remarkably durable, with above industry standard testing results for residential use and are an excellent choice for busy homes.

What are Double Rubs and Pilling Class?

For upholstery projects and other uses where fabrics need to stand up to everyday life, it is important to know how a fabric will wear over time.

The textile industry in North America has set industry-wide standards for rating fabric performance. Two of the primary ways that fabric makers rank strength, durability and longevity are through a “double rubs” rating and pilling classification. Our manufacturers provide us with testing results and this information can be found in the PRODUCT DETAILS & CARE drop-down.

What does "Railroaded" and "Up the Roll" mean?

You can find a fabric's pattern repeat information under the Product Details and Care section.

Patterns may be described direction as "Railroaded" or "Up the Roll". This indicated the direction of the stripe.

A railroaded pattern will run horizontally, across the width of the fabric.

If the pattern runs vertically up the length, it will be referred to as "Up the Roll"

5. Ordering Fabric

We sell yardage in increments of one yard (36"). If you need less than a full yard, please select half yard (18") and add to your order. Your order will ship as a single piece.

Found the perfect fabric but not sure how much you need? We can help.


Our fabrics are in stock and ready to ship unless otherwise noted. You will be contacted via email if there are any unexpected stock shortages.

What to touch and feel the fabric before you purchase? Select the Buy a Swatch option. Our swatches are approximately 4" x 5".

We do our best to represent all of the colours in a pattern but it is not always possible in a swatch. If you are interested in a larger-scale patterned fabric, we recommend you purchase a 1/2 yard to sample.

6. Add to your cart and enjoy!

Orders are fulfilled by our in-house team in 2-4 days.

We want you to be happy with your purchase! Returns are made easy with our provided shipping label. Learn more about our return policy here.

Need more help?

We offer free design help

Need a little help creating your own perfect pillow combo or selecting fabric for your home? Get in touch with our in-house designers for free design help tailored to your style and space.

You may wonder:

Are your fabrics in stock?

Unless specified, our fabrics are in stock and ready to ship. We will contact you with unexpected fabric shortages. Large fabric quantities may require longer lead-times. Reach out to Customer Care at info@tonicliving.com if you have any questions.

Can I return my fabric?

Fabric yardage may be returnedwithin 30 days of receipt, less a 15% restocking fee applied to the refund total. Fabric that has been cut, washed or altered by the customer cannot be returned.

How do I care for my fabric?

Keep your product looking its best with these tips:

Vacuum or dust frequentlyAs dust and dirt cause fabrics to wear more quickly, we recommend routine care such as light dusting or vacuuming at low suction (with a clean soft brush attachment).

Bring outdoor pillows and cushions inside during poor weather conditions. Keep your outdoor products in their best condition by bringing them inside if it is raining or snowing.

Spot cleaning or dry cleaning may be recommended to prevent shrinkage and to keep the colours vivid and crisp.  Depending on the fiber content and product use, care instructions will vary. You can find this information in the individual product listings under PRODUCT DETAILS & CARE. 

If you are using our fabric for upholstery, do not remove the seat covers on a sofa to be dry cleaned separately as the covers may look different from the rest of the piece after cleaning.  Use a professional furniture cleaning service when an overall soiled condition has been reached. 

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More questions?

Reach out to Customer Care at info@tonicliving.com or call us at 416-699-9879 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST

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Tonic is one of my favourite stores in this country - for quality, selection and inspiration.. and their patient customer service is beyond beatable. All of my drapery & pillows have been sourced from this store - and if you can't find it here, it is not worth looking for. The quality of fabric is wonderful - I have to behave EVERY time - there is a lot to tempt you !! Plus if you can't get in, they are fabulous to ship with.
— Charlie W
I’ve purchased from TL on two occasions for my living room and will be shopping for my bedroom next! Their fabrics and patterns have truly elevated my space and everyone that’s helped me has been exceptionally kind. Shoutout to Jen! Lastly, bonus points for supporting a small business if that is something that’s important to you.
— Jessica Y
LOVE Tonic Living!!! I have ordered several different fabrics and pillows from them and the quality is ALWAYS TOP NOTCH! The shipping is fast and the customer service is phenomenal!
— Angie
My experience with tonic living has been nothing but exceptional. The staff response time has been quick and their fabric knowledge is insane. A big thanks to Jen for going above and beyond to help me find a place to get my bedroom cushion made and for helping me understand the fabrics that I chose. Thanks for a great experience and I will definitely be shopping here again!
— Ruane S