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Fundraiser - French Lavender Sachets


Give back and support Women + Mental Health

We believe mental health is health.
And we want to normalize the experience of striving to reach or maintain mental health. We also want to clear the air and talk openly about our own struggles, experiences, healing and triumphs. We want to help end the unfair stigma that the two words "mental health" have conjured up in the past.

Beyond creating a new dynamic about mental health, we are fundraising for under-funded programs like the Women's Trauma Inpatient Unit at CAMH ( the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health). Our donation has provided for simple art and craft supplies for ongoing art therapy, which community volunteers lead.

Help us make a huge and touching difference by donating $10 for each hand crafted Lavender Sachet made by volunteers with our fabric scraps and premium imported French lavender. These little palm sized pillows act as a soothing purse "popper" to clutch and squeeze as needed, deeply inhale, release some tension and continue on with your day and whatever it holds.

Entering our 4th year, we've raised over $7000 with your support ( Tonic Living donates it's administrative costs so that all funds generated from sachet donations can be directed to the Inpatient department.) This year, we will again be supporting CAMH as we explore other under-funded mental health-based programs with a goal to expand our giving. 

There is power in aromatherapy just as there is power in intentional giving, sharing and supporting - let's never forget this.

Thank you for your support! 

✦If you'd like to support our cause in increments of $10 instead of receiving a sachet we are most grateful 🙏  - you can donate here .

  • Used as a natural stress reliever and promotes relaxation, soothes fatigue and restores balance
  • Assortment of fabrics available, picked at random for online orders
  • Each sachet measures approx. 4"
  • Each sachet comes with a care card explaining the cause 
  • Makes for perfect stocking holiday gifts
  • Note: Discount codes cannot be applied to this product.  


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