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Adelaide Fabric, graphite, a medium grey, linen blend fabric from Tonic Living
Archie Twine, a gray textured stain resistant fabric from Tonic Living
Berken gray medallion embroidered fabric from Tonic Living
Blake Block Print Platinum, a gray on white flower print fabric from Tonic Living
Brittany, Nickel - Tonic Living
Capri Fabric, Mineral, a grey painterly, swirl pattern from Tonic Living
Cleary, Pewter - A hearty, washed linen blend Ellen Degeneres fabric in a warm, grey-pewter colour.
Colton grey and cream windowpane fabric from Tonic Living
Draper Stripe, Grey - Tonic Living
Felix, Zinc grey textured outdoor fabric from Tonic Living, former name Friendly
grey and white geometric art deco linen drapery fabric
Hobbs Fabric, Graphite, by Tonic Living
Hyden shades of gray ombre stripe fabric from Tonic Living
Jameson, charcoal gray drapery fabric from Tonic Living
Jameson warm light grey fabric from Tonic Living
Jameson Fabric, Fog
$37.95 CAD
Linked, Stone Grey - Tonic Living
Lucca Fabric, Chateau, a taupe silk blend drapery fabric from Tonic Living
Lucca Fabric, Chateau
$58.95 CAD $78.95 CAD
Majorca Fabric in Smoke by Ellen Degenres, a watery grey and blue floral from Tonic Living
Mason Velvet Mushroom, a warm grey velvet from Tonic Living
Mason Velvet, Shale- A deep grey soft velvet from Tonic Living
Mason Velvet, Shale
$65.95 CAD
Meadow stone gray floral fabric from Tonic Living
Monarch Trellis Linen, Port
Monarch Trellis Linen, Port
$22.23 CAD $32.95 CAD
Montauk Pinstripe sheer drapery fabric from Tonic Living
light grey upholstery fabric from tonic living
textured grey upholstery at tonic living
Muro soft grey waves, fabric from Ellen Degeneres
Muro Fabric, Frost
$49.95 CAD
Nantucket Plaid Zinc, grey plaid fabric from Tonic Living
Normandy Linen, Salt & Pepper
Pointillism, Zinc grey and white abstract fabric
Pointillism Fabric, Zinc
$34.95 CAD $45.95 CAD
grey and light beige geometric upholstery fabric
Quinto Shadow, a blue gray drapery fabric from Tonic Living
Reflect, Dove Grey - A clean, line drawn pattern in soft grey and white.
Ridgley Quarry Grey, a textured upholstery fabric from Tonic Living
grey batik drapery print tonic living
Ryder, Zinc outdoor grey fabric from Tonic Living, former name Rollo
Shelby Fabric, Stone, grey and white modern matchstick print from Tonic Living
Sierra Fabric, Ink
Sierra Fabric, Ink
$46.95 CAD
Simple Stripe, Grey + White - Tonic Living
Tate Inside out Faux Leather, neutral gray vegan leather fabric from Tonic Living
Tippi, a stone gray and off white flora toile print from Tonic Living
Tippi Cotton, Stone
$42.95 CAD
Tobermory Felt, Flannel, a grey felt fabric from Tonic Living
Tuscany Linen, Cadet Grey, a crisp neutral grey linen from Tonic Living
Tuscany Linen, Charcoal Gray from Tonic Living
Windowpane, stone, fabric by Tonic Living
Yarmouth Stripe Fabric, Zinc