Baskets, Pots & Planters

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Aria glazed ceramic planter from Tonic Living
Aria Ceramic Pot
$39.95 CAD
Dotti Ceramic Pot
Dotti Ceramic Pot
$39.95 CAD
Wilma Ceramic Pot, A cream white and wheat colour textured glazed pot from Tonic Living
Wilma Ceramic Pot
$39.95 CAD
Roman Metal Pot, bronze patina metal plant pot from Tonic Living
Roman Metal Pot
$25.95 CAD
Levi Ceramic Pot, A textured glazed grey ceramic plant pot from Tonic Living
Levi Ceramic Pot
$30.95 CAD
Beckwith Plant Basket from Tonic Living
Adora Tripod Plant Basket at Tonic Living
Adora Tripod Basket
$31.95 CAD $36.95 CAD
Hand Woven Baskets, made in Portugal for Tonic Living
Toledo cream and natural straw baskets from Tonic Living
Valencia natural and black seagrass baskets  from Tonic Living
Seville Jute Baskets, Black, and natural jute baskets in three sizes from Tonic Living
Seville Baskets, Black
$62.95 CAD $84.95 CAD
Easton, sturdy roll rim wicker trays from Tonic Living
Easton Wicker Tray
$49.95 CAD