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Meet Lauren, Your Designer & Trade Program Point-Person

Lauren Briggs-Lawrance, Designer, is a member of the Creative Team, and is also the trade program liaison and public relations/influencer marketing contact.

Here's a bit more about her ...

A genius when it comes to styling, Lauren brings her experience as a Design Editor at House & Home magazine to Tonic Living. She's also a woman of many talents! Lauren majored in Marketing at McGill University, receiving her Bachelor of Commerce, and then attended Ryerson University for her Masters of Fashion. Lauren is also an avid scuba diver (she got her PADI certification in Turks & Caicos over five years ago, and married her husband there in early 2019!). She loves playing golf with her family and practicing yoga and pilates. In her down time, you can find Lauren hanging out with her dog Teddy, a 12-year-old Cockapoo, or working on design and decorating projects (including this bedroom makeover) on her first house. 

Here's some more about Lauren...

What's your sign? 

Current colour crush? 
Olive green (need to find a use for the Tuscany Linen, Moss!)

How would you describe your decorating style?
I feel like it’s constantly evolving—especially while being immersed in beautiful textiles and home trends on a daily basis. I would say that it's based in classic and neutral elements that have a contemporary lean, sprinkled with hits of black, layered textures and organic materials.

Favourite place in the world? 
My cottage in Haliburton, Ontario, or Turks & Caicos.

Favourite food? 
Tacos or Sushi!

Guilty pleasure? 
Online 'window' shopping, and cooking more elaborate meals than necessary.

What decade do you wish you lived in? 
Pretty happy in this decade!

Dream destination? 
An immersive spa a la Canyon Ranch or an Aman Resort

What's inspiring you now? 
I'm always drawn to architectural influences and am inspired by boutique modern artisanal designers, like deVol Kitchens and Plain English millwork. I basically love everything that is going on at the Field & Supply Fair

What's your perfect pillow?
One that is high quality, cozy, organic and earthy in pattern and/or colour and has longevity in the style department. My three favourites - right now - are Tuscany Linen, Moss, Judy, Onyx and Yarmouth, Sandstone.